Tyler's Original Room Escape Adventure

At Tyler’s original escape room adventure, we work hard to make sure our guests have a fun and memorable escape room experience.

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Our goal is to make sure our customers have a blast and love their escape room experience at One Way Out - TylerEscape.com! In keeping with that motto, we want to get to know you a little better. We have put together some hilarious descriptions of different escape room players and want you to pick your Escape Room Persona!

Escape Room Persona
Are you wondering “what is an escape room?” Why would you want to be “locked” in a room? Have you heard of these things called escape rooms but have no idea what to expect? Not to worry – newbies are welcome additions to the escape room family so just be willing to step out of your comfort zone and try something new!
Do escape rooms confuse you? Do you try to help but don’t quite understand what to do? Have you taken advantage of the hints and the game master lifeline...a lot? You are not alone – game masters love to convert people just like you into escape aficionados because with more practice you could become an expert!
Do you know more than everyone else? Are the game masters just in your way? Why won’t all these people just listen to your plan! We know…we know…having all that knowledge can be a burden, but we appreciate how much smarty-pants contribute to escape room success. (Plus we may have a family member or two who fall into this category!)
Do you break things…like rules, locks, and even escape rooms? Do you try to find loopholes and bypass escape room game play? Have you “accidentally” pulled escape room props apart to try to solve the room? Escape room annihilators push the boundaries for game masters - we accept the challenge since most groups have at least one rule breaker (Please be kind to the props!)
Are you an escape room expert? Have you attempted and escaped from multiple rooms? Do you plan trips just so you can visit new escape rooms? We don’t judge because we can relate! Escape aficionados know their way around escape rooms, are great at thinking outside the box, and make the perfect brand ambassadors to introduce new people to the experience!

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Tips for Escape Room Success

Bring Your Squad

Making new friends is a fun perk of escape rooms but there is something to be said about working with people you already know! Take advantage of the private group option we offer, assemble your own dream team and see how well you work together to escape.

Communication is Key

Make sure your team shares things they discover during the attempt to escape. Clues can show up everywhere and something one person finds may not help their puzzle, but could be the essential clue for someone else.

Work Smart

Avoid being a spectator, you will need all hands on deck to solve the puzzles in the allotted time. So work together, search the room thoroughly, take notes, and keep your team organized as you find clues.
SPECIAL ONLINE GROUP DISCOUNT: Book an entire room online and receive a special group discount! On the booking page, check mark "private experience" to receive the discount.  *This discount only works online and if no other guests have booked spaces in a particular time slot.*

Avoid Overthinking

Our escape rooms are engineered for your team to be able to escape but the clues can also cause you to seriously overthink. If you think a complex math solution, dismantling a piece of furniture, or little known skill is required to solve your puzzle, you are in too deep.

Divide and Conquer

In order to avoid wasting time, don’t try to solve puzzles as a group, divide up and conquer the room. Puzzles can be a time drain. If you get stumped, pass the puzzle to someone else and move onto something new.

Take Advantage of Hints

Our game masters are brilliant escape room technicians who give helpful hints. We want your team to succeed so take advantage of the voice over the radio. You can escape the room without help, but if you get stuck, just ask!

Practice the Locks

Before your introduction to the room, take a few minutes to practice with the locks in our waiting room. Make sure your team knows how to reset and unlock the locks. Unlocking locks correctly can make or break your escape!

And remember to have fun!!!

No special skills are required!
Just be creative, curious, and observant.

Give the Gift of Room Escape Fun!

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Escape rooms are a fun way to make memories and celebrate a special occasion!

Think outside the team building box!

The escape room experience is an innovative way to engage leadership traits, improve problem-solving skills, and strengthen communication. We invite you to take advantage of the team building benefits that escape rooms have for your team, right here in Tyler! 

Escape Room Updates

You did it! School has started! You survived the budget-busting, schedule crushing, back-to-school insanity. Now you deserve a reward... and we are here to make that happen! 

Back To School Escape Room Deal

You did it! School has started! You survived the budget-busting, schedule crushing, back-to-school insanity. Now you deserve a reward... and we are here to make that happen! For this Friday and Saturday only, we are offering a special deal! Book a room escape adventure at TylerEscape.com and receive 50% off!

So plan a game night for the whole family or a date night without the kids and take advantage of this super special deal. Invite your friends. Invite your neighbors. Maybe even invite your kids... Use promo code "imnotamoneytree" to receive the discount for bookings on Friday or Saturday only. 

This deal cannot be combined with the online group discount and is only good for September 14 - 15.

Christmas in July

It's time to say goodbye to The List! Our Christmas themed family-friendly room, The List, is leaving soon. 

Are you ready for summer?

Summer will be here before you know it! Now is the time to buy an extra special gift for the teachers, coaches and other important people in your life to celebrate the end of the school year. 

Purchase a room escape gift card and give a fun present perfect for any occasion! 

So there is no school on Friday... Plan a unique family activity with One Way Out - TylerEscape.com and celebrate the long weekend!

Don't forget to take advantage of the online group discount! Book an entire room online and receive a special group rate! On the booking page, check mark "private experience" to receive the discount.

In the sagas of old, escape rooms would look to their wise and benevolent clue queen to guide the people who were locked away and needed a voice to help them solve mysteries. As the original escape room in East Texas, we have returned to these ways.

If you have been to One Way Out recently, you have probably received guidance, wisdom, and a little snark from the voice on the other end of the radio. We would like to put a face to the voice by introducing our own Clue Queen...
Rachel has worked at One Way Out - TylerEscape.com since our launch in 2015. In the last year, she has taken on the role of Clue Queen, providing our guests with humor, clues, and tips when they need guidance during their experience.
Book your adventure today and sure to give Rachel a high five and a good review after you escape!
Escape Room Clue Queen
Escape Room Clue Queen
Sent 3/8/2017

What are you doing for spring break?

Book a escape room adventure and become a superhero for your crew this spring break! Plus take advantage of the "private experience" option - you will get a discount and the whole escape room just for your group!

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It's time to make your plans for Halloween!

Try to escape the family vacation in our mobile game at the Monster Brew Bash on October 28 or book one of our four rooms at One Way Out on Hwy 155 South!

One Way Out Escape Room Halloween Tyler Party

Monster Brew Bash!
Saturday, October 28
5:00 pm-Midnight

Off Square Downtown Tyler
(200 Block of S. Broadway)

Halloween block party and costume contest! Featuring One Way Out - TylerEscape.com. Costume Contest: Grand Prize is “Beer for a Year”- Face Painter available to help you get creative. Live Music, Craft Beer, Haunted Hamburgers, Purple Voodoo Tacos, Texas Chainsaw Nachos, Psyco Mushrooms & more. No Cover.
Brought to you by ETX Brewing Co. El Guapo Records Moon Rivers Naturals 903 Handmade Lightbox CollectiveMoss-"Where Flowers are Fair." Café 1948