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Book an entire room online and receive a special group discount! When you reach the online booking page, check mark "private experience" and receive a discount for your group booking! 

*This discount only works if no other guests have booked spaces in your chosen timeslot.*

Pirate Cove Plunder

Arrrrrr you ready, matey, for our pirate room! We recommend this unique and fun escape room for ages 9 and up. 
Please be aware that families with children may be part of your team unless you book a private experience.
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Pirate Cove Plunder
Escape Rate 50%

Family Friendly Escape Room!
Pirate ship themed fun for up to 10 guests.

The List

It's never too early to get your name off The List. You have one hour to sneak into Santa's secret study and get the naughty list (with your names on it) out of his safe before he returns.
Please be aware that families with children may be part of your team unless you book a private experience.
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The List Escape Room Escape Rate 80%
Escape Rate 80%

Family Friendly Escape Room!
Starter escape room for up to 6 guests

Murder on 155

A murder occurred right here on Hwy 155. Can you find the clues, solve the puzzles and discover the murderer? But hurry! The murderer will be fleeing the country in 60 minutes. 
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Murder on 155 Escape Room Escape Rate 20%
Escape Rate 20%

Perfect for Escape Room Aficionados!
Intriguing room for up to 8 guests.

The Therapy Room

Don't worry! Your uncle may be eccentric, but this won't give you nightmares.
You and your team have been locked in your uncle's therapy room and need to define and face fears in the span of a therapy session... 60 minutes. 
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The Therapy Room Escape Room Escape Rate 25%
Escape Rate 25%

Great for Date Night!
Unique room for up to 3 guests. 

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Mobile Escape

Work together. Solve puzzles. Escape the Family Vacation.
Can you find the key to escape the RV?

Our mobile escape room can be booked for corporate team building, family events, and any other special event you may be hosting. Please contact One Way Out for more information about this exciting, movable escape experience!
Mobile Escape Room

Innovative mobile escape room experience!

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